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IT & Facilities Support Management

Our Resolve It! Solution allows any size company a cost savings approach to implement a ITIL based Service Desk implementation; this approach will help you to adopt the right features without getting caught in budget limitations and standards-sake ITIL implementations. Resolve It! provides you with the necessary tools to Implement an ITIL-based Service Desk with Incident, Problem, Configuration, Change and Release Management.

When you choose Resolve IT!, you are choosing an adaptable and scalable software that's easy to customize for your specific needs. Features like basic issue/call management, Knowledge Management, robust two way email functionality, web based self-service and live-chat functionality, workflow management (including ITSM processes) and thorough reporting offer you the flexibility you need to manage your IT efficiently.

You'll find Resolve IT! easy to use - in fact most of your Service Desk staff will only use one or two screens. But don't let that fool you into thinking that you're looking at a limited application. Behind the apparent simplicity of Resolve IT! you'll find all the features of costlier and more complicated software packages, our software is just easier to use.

With Resolve IT! you can expect an immediate return on investment because of the ease of installation and short learning curve. No matter how extensive your needs, the features of Resolve IT! will really impress you.

Resolve It! Helpdesk Solution Features

Incident Routing & Tracking

Incident reporting, assignment and resolution is extremely easy and efficient with Resolve It! Automatically assign issues to the correct problem solver or group based on the type of problem and even the skill level required.  Ensure that issues are resolved according to Service Level specifications by setting up automatic notification and reminders based on SLA level or priority of problem.  Automatically update clients of status which increases customer support levels without increasing staff.  Incidents will never "fall through the cracks" again.

Issue Generation via E-mail & Self-Service

Clients can report issues via email or the web.  Issues can be generated, updated and resolved via email. This makes Resolve It! an extremely versatile and flexible solution.   Resolve It! is also available via the web to give  analysts and clients the ability to add a new issue or search Resolve It!'s knowledge bases for self-help.  Existing clients can see the status of existing issues instead of having to depend on the helpdesk staff for updates.

Problem, Change Request & Release Management

Issues and/or changes can be scheduled, prioritized and managed more efficiently in Resolve It!.  3-tier issue categorization capabilities help with assignment and priority of issues. This assists in tracking and analysis of problem areas and helps identify the root cause of the problem.  To easily manage infrastructure or application changes, Step by step procedures can be standardized with customizable templates that can even mandate management approvals.  Tasks can be preformed concurrently or the completion of one task can be required before assignment of the next task.  This will ensure changes are implemented accurately which will help minimize impact and ensure productivity is not jeopardized.

Skill  Based Assignment

Make sure the correct analyst is assigned to the issue based on the type of issue and skill level involved to research  and resolve  the problem.  This saves time and limits the amount of escalation involved.  It also ensure that analysts are working on issues that match their sill level which increases productivity and reduces and overall cost of support.

Resource Management

Manage your resources by setting up analysts work schedules, vacation schedules, geographic locations, skill levels and issue capacity based on the type and complexity of the issue.  Define one or multiple holiday schedules based on geographic regions.  These parameters can be used to automatically assign issues to an analyst with the correct skills, work capacity and availability.  Managers will find this a useful tool by always knowing the status and availability of the helpdesk staff whether they reside in one location or multiple locations.

SLA Management

Service Level  Agreements can be defined and maintained in Resolve It!.  SLAs can be defined at a client or Issue priority level.  Issue resolution times are calculated based on the level of service that is automatically assigned to the issue based on the client, issue classification and priority.  Response times, resolution times, reminder alerts, issue escalation and even automatic client updates are defined and calculated based on support hours and holiday schedules.  Analysis can be performed easily to calculate how well your help desk is performing based on defined SLA parameters.

Asset Management

Know where your inventory is (hardware and software) and  how well it is performing using Resolve It!'s Asset Management functionality.  The complete life cycle of a piece of equipment can be tracked in Resolve It!.  An asset record can be associated with an issue so reporting can be performed to analyze the cost of repairs vs replacement cost. 

Billing & Costing

Define billing codes for a client or company to calculate the cost of your problem solving activities. You can attach one or many billing codes to a client and multiple billing codes can be used on a single ticket if applicable.

Real-time Reporting

Real Time monitoring of your helpdesk activities based on customized parameters set by user. Can run multiple monitoring screens. This is a separate program that can be used by managers and Resolve IT! does not have to be open to use the Metric Monitor.

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